Canceled Gatherings

Dear His Way Friends,

Blessings to you, in Jesus’ Name!

After much prayer and asking God for wisdom, we have news about His Way. 

In his recent news briefing, President Trump asked that all Americans avoid any gatherings of more than ten people.  Therefore we will need to honor our president’s request and postpone gathering for His Way.  We have made the decision to postpone all activities until further notice. I am sorry for this news and of course, all of the trouble that the coronavirus is causing globally.  I absolutely believe that we will defeat this virus through prayer!  Let us give ourselves to prayer!

I will update you with any new ideas or plans for His Way as we go.

Remember the words from last week’s His Way:
It is now time for the rising of prayer from our mouths like never before!
Let’s tackle the tough problem of keeping our minds on heaven’s reality during times of crisis. The context that is created by having the right message at the right hour releases a realm of supernatural activity.  Let each of us help to create a highway of holiness that others can drive on!  A highway shall be there, and a road and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness…” (Isaiah 35:8).

Our devotion to God is a highway of holiness. The Lord can build upon this freeway because He has found in us an inroad where He can work.  Do not doubt the fact that HE IS AT WORK! Look to Him now and tell Jesus, “I know that You are doing marvelous and wonderful things and I will be a part of Your great plan!” 

Then run bravely among the people and look for anyone who is faltering and tell them, “This is no time to falter – this is your moment!”

Expecting Miracles,

Pastor Linda

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